Experienced Human Resources Consulting

Experienced Human Resources Consulting

Experienced Human Resources ConsultingExperienced Human Resources ConsultingExperienced Human Resources Consulting

Helping organizations maximize potential through their people

Beyond Talent Management

Our Experience

No one knows your business like you do but why not trust an impartial, objective seasoned Advisor that has the experience specializing in talent?

For the past 25 years, I have built programs that focus on helping organizations and their people run more efficiently and effectively. This includes having a proven track record for delivering results, in fast paced, challenging environments that are in start-up mode, mid-size organizations and those that are embarking on change. 

Why Us?

I believe the key areas of the Employee Lifecycle  are broken down into 3 main sections. 1) Attraction 2) Development 3) Retention. 

1) Attraction - which focuses on targeted recruitment plans for attracting top talent. Ensuring through a vigorous hiring process that "A Players" are selected and securing this talent with competitive compensation packages.


2) Development - considers employees having the opportunity to learn and grow in your organization. Career advancement is a sign of "good" people health.

3) Retention - in an employees market, good talent becomes harder to keep. Employees that are happy at work tend to be engaged, more productive, and inclined to stay.